My Favourite Places

"You are my home, and my adventure." 

Oh, The Farm. My Home. My Happy Place. 

My mom and I bought this farm together in August of 2019, and let me tell you, it has been a labour of love since we bought it. But it is making our dreams come true. The Willoughby Farm is a place that feels like home to everyone that steps foot on the property. We absolutely love having clients here to the farm for their sessions; plus we have the most magical sunsets here! 

"Sky above, sand below, peace within the beach."

Do you love the beach as much as I do? Once the weather is great enough to be at the beach, you better believe I am there for Golden Hour almost daily (and every thunderstorm, lets be honest)! Summer sessions at the Beach are one of my favourite things ever. I often will go sit at the beach well before your session even begins. How can we not create beautiful moments with gorgeous dreamy sunsets, and playing in the water?!

Also, if you ask me to do a beach session during a thunderstorm I will SCREAM with excitement... just a warning!